About George Bradley

George Bradley is the author of poetry and fiction, as well as a critic and translator. He has published eight books with Yale University Press, Knopf, The Waywiser Press (U.K.), and the Louisiana State University Press.

Bradley was born in Roslyn, NY on January 22, 1953 and was raised on Long Island. He graduated from Yale University in 1975, attended The University of Virginia as the Balch Fellow in 1977 and 1978, and won the Yale Younger Poets Prize in 1985.

In 1979, Bradley moved to New York City, where he worked for several advertising companies and was a member of the New York Fencers Club. He married Spencer Boyd in 1984. The couple has one child, Beatrice Bradley, and the family moved to Connecticut in 1988.

Bradley has worked in construction, as a sommelier, an editor, and as a copywriter. At present, he imports and distributes a brand of Italian extra virgin olive oil (La Bontà di Fiesole) produced on a farm in Tuscany.

George Bradley's Titles